About David...

I was born in North London in 1958, the youngest of three children. I had lovely parents and my mum is still alive and in her nineties (which are the new fifties..)

In my school, you had to excel at rugby and cricket.

I was rubbish at both. We did sport on Wednesday afternoons. I opted for cycling. That way, I could cycle to the cinema every Wednesday.

I was good at science, but I wanted to do English as well. The school had a policy of not allowing students to mix arts and science subjects. I did Mathematics at university. In my spare time I edited the student newspaper and had a show on the campus radio station.

At the BBC

In the 1980s, the BBC was an exciting place to work.

As a BBC radio journalist and then TV documentary maker, I had access to professional broadcast resources - and an audience.

In 1986, my sister went deaf. An incredible London hospital treated her.

But it was threatened with closure because of government cuts. So I got a documentary made about her story. The hospital was saved.

Love and marriage

In 1987, I married an amazing woman who I'd known since my teens.

We were married for nineteen years and had a son together.

He now runs his own video

production business.


In 1990, I was fortunate to travel through eastern Europe, making a series of films for the BBC about the fall of communism.

As a result, I formed a lifelong love for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Berlin.

In 1996, I made a documentary in Ethiopia. It was a life changing moment for me.

Please support Ethiopiaid if you can.


New love

In 2011, I met a man and fell in love with him.

When I came out to my family and friends, they were fantastically supportive.

I started writing short stories and joined the London Gay Men's Chorus. In 2014, I sang with the Chorus at the House of Lords as the UK government passed the Equal Marriage Act into law.

The short stories became longer, and now my fourth novel is  about to be published...


I sing with The London Gay Men's Chorus.

It's the largest gay choir in Europe.


We work to eradicate homophobic bullying through the power of music.